Sugar high....

I'm just going to put it out there. I am boy crazy. Like ALL thee time. There is nothing better then a good looking man. Lol....which is one of the reasons why I like serving so much. I get to around men's men and have a reason to talk and joke around with them. Men who like beer and sports.

I was watching Jimmy Fallon last night and Topher Grace was on. Now I love ALL types of men (no discrimination here), they just have to carry themselves as a man. Oh and if I have a type, I would say it's the handsome, tall, funny, nerd/dork. Yum! Anyway though, Topher and his sense of humor got me thinking of all the eye candy on t.v. I enjoy watching so I decided to list them here...

Ladies won't you take a trip through candyland with me?.....

Topher Grace

Idris Elba

Jude Law
Djimon Hounsou
Alex O'Loughlin
Rain Bi
Ashton Kutcher
Pauly D
Josh Duhamel

9 men? Yeah I thought it was long too but egh......didn't I say I was boy crazy? Told ya.