Hey..hey! Welcome to Unknown Boutique.

Me being me: I'm just a girl obsessed with anything French, feminine, bad ass and design related.

I grew up in Denver, with my mom always creating SOMETHING, her and her glue gun. Whenever we had breaks from school, my two brothers and I would spend lots of time with her at garage sells, community pools and the world famous GOODWILL.

It was effing Christmas when we went there and she always smiled before saying, "Pick whatever you want.". To me it felt like a shopping spree and I laugh now knowing she gave us the world....on a budget. Smart lady.

Now that I'm older, I'm in loooove with thrift stores. I've been scouting, buying and redoing furniture for years but now I want my own little piece of the pie. I want my own store front. The online shop
has been a great intro to the world of small businesses and I can't wait to take the final leap Summer 2012.
Thank you for your support....