Fill me in....

Another week, another fill in the blanks.....

1. My favorite blog of the moment is Bre's pictures, gorgeous handmade clutches and small business are such an inspiration to me.

2. Something I'm so thankful for is my momma, my siblings and my pack of cousins. They are all the best!

3. Something that made laugh this week was
last night when I asked my mom to help me make a dress for my company's black tie event tonight. The first time we tried to make something together was the night of my junior prom. We skipped the hair dresser and decided to do my hair ourselves. It was a DISASTER. I didn't go to dinner with my friends and ended up crying on my bed because I didn't like how I looked. Ugh...teens. I got over it though and ended up having a great night. When I asked her last night we both were in tears laughing thinking of how the crazy the process would be a second time around.

4. An item that is currently on my wishlist is the infamous iPad. Being able to take my Google Reader, books and fashion magazines on the go with me would be a dream come true.

5. I am excited about my company's black tie event tonight. My mom and I didn't make a dress but with some creativity, an old dress and a thrifted maxi skirt, we were able to whip up a super cute outfit.

6. If I were a color I'd be grey. It sounds pretty gloomy and boring but grey is such a classy neutral. It can be paired with any color, or stand alone and still make an underrated statement.

7. My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is in bed with take out, my DVR, my Google Reader and of course, the pooch.

Head over to The Little Thing's We do to play...

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I sure hope my mine is as relaxing as I'm planning it to be!



For years I have wished and wished for an H&M to open in Denver and Wednesday night it finally diiiiiiiiid!!!

It was a perfect night filled with shopping, drinks and people watching.

I've never been  to a grand opening before and it was exactly what I thought it would be, can't wait to attend another!


Lots of daily inspiration.....

Here are the pictures that are currently feeding my creative side......

Sorry I've been m.ia. this past week! Miss me?



Things I picked up this weekend......all thrift stores were 1/2 off. Ahhh yeah!
 This mini school chair was $6, I got it for $2. Going to DIY it to another color for the Littles (sisters).
 I've been dying for a trunk and the thrift Gods finally shined down on me.
My are pockets are still deep too, I only paid $3 for this one, in mint condition.
It will be shiny white when I'm done with it.
 Vintage paintings I will alter and sell in the Etsy shop later this week.
 The cutest gold cuff. I had to pick up SOMETHING for myself!
 Asian shot glasses. There were 6 of them when I visited the store earlier in the week but I gambled and lost when I came back to get them for half off. Two were left so I plan on turning them into candles for the shop.
Stay tuned for the DIY.
Wooden bowls that have already received a DIY to spruce them up. They are currently listed in the Unknown Boutique Etsy shop.


Location, location, location.....

Looking at this spot for the boutique. What do you think? It's a corner unit, has natural sunlight and lots of character. Right?! The boutique is so close I can feel it! Swoooooon.

Happy Halloween!

I'm going to work tomorrow dressed as a "farmer"....
when really I'm wearing jeans, boots and a flannel shirt to work. Beauty AND brains peeps.

Je Meur...All Hallows Eve

1. Black Halloween Decor via Sweet Paul

2. Suuuuper Cute Mummy Hot dogs

3. Raven Door Wreath

4. Scared People via Fear Factory

Being that I hate being scared, I surprisingly appreciate these stupid funny pictures of other people scared. For a quick laugh check out them out.

5. And then I saw a Sasquatch on the road...via The Bloggess

For another funny story (this chick and her poor husband are always good for a laugh). I won't tell you what they actually ended up seeing but if you don't laugh, blame your wasted time on me.


Alright guys.... I'm ready to start the weekend. TGIF.