Things I picked up this weekend......all thrift stores were 1/2 off. Ahhh yeah!
 This mini school chair was $6, I got it for $2. Going to DIY it to another color for the Littles (sisters).
 I've been dying for a trunk and the thrift Gods finally shined down on me.
My are pockets are still deep too, I only paid $3 for this one, in mint condition.
It will be shiny white when I'm done with it.
 Vintage paintings I will alter and sell in the Etsy shop later this week.
 The cutest gold cuff. I had to pick up SOMETHING for myself!
 Asian shot glasses. There were 6 of them when I visited the store earlier in the week but I gambled and lost when I came back to get them for half off. Two were left so I plan on turning them into candles for the shop.
Stay tuned for the DIY.
Wooden bowls that have already received a DIY to spruce them up. They are currently listed in the Unknown Boutique Etsy shop.