Just one of those days....

I saw this picture late last night on my Reader and loooooved it.

(not knowing it was a foreshadow of today)

This statement can be taken as seize the moment, live life, never think twice!!! Or, on the most challenging of days, it can mean, be blessed, stay focused, be happy, "This day will neeeeeever happen again."

For the past couple of years, my birthdays have served as more of a self reflecting moment, then a prelude into my new year. After the parties die down and candles are out, my thoughts are the only things I'm left with. I can't figure out if it's a good thing or a bad thing. All I know is, it's a "thing".

I had numerous packages to send out for the Etsy shop this morning, so I spent most of last night preparing for my day ahead. Gym bag (check). Work clothes laid out (check). Lunch/snacks packed (check). Etsy packages addressed and labeled (check). Today was the Monday my 27th year started off organized and thought out. Duh. I'm an adult after all.

Pheesh please.......this is life. Real life.

My alarm didn't go off. I woke up to a break out the size of the Milky Way on my forehead and my hair was doing this weird curly, flippy thing in the back.

WTF!!!!!! I'm an adult!!!!!!!!!! I prepared!!!!!!!! I'm 27!!!!!!!!!

Then, to top it alllllll off, I go to grab the Etsy packages, neatly stacked by the front door, and the first thing I feel are the contents of the bottom package slip through my fingers and fall to the floor. Apparently I folded the box up, but I didn't tape the bottom. Glass shatters and my heart breaks as I see the hot pink plates and bowls I just sold, spread out on the floor. Those are one of a kind people. They come as a set. How do I explain this to the buyer???!!!!

I had a thought to leave them there, to pretend nothing happened, but I couldn't have my 90 year old Aunt and pint size Yorkie walking on broken glass all day. I'm an adult. With 15 minutes til I'm supposed to be to work, in heels and a pencil skirt, I'm picking up hot pink pieces, vacuuming, and trying to hold back tears of frustration and angst.

The only thing I could think of was, "No tears. Get to work, talk to the client, get off work and realize this day will neeeeeeeever happen again."

I still want to cry but I got through today and I'm going to stay positive for tomorrow because you know what? I'm an adult and that's what we do. Cheers to a better day tomorrow.......