I've been featured on IkeaHackers.net and I'm soooo excited (I think I just burped/threw up in my mouth from the excitement...ew. gross. I know)! Since Denver doesn't have an Ikea (which needs to change ASAP), I used to have to get my Ikea fix through the lives of other people and stumbled upon this blog years ago. If this site doesn't have something that inspires you to create I don't know what will. Now my hack is pretty modest compared to others but still...I'm pretty proud.

Now that I live in Chicago and have been to Ikea in Schaumburg a bunch of times, it really gets your mind flowing on all the different things you can tweek to the things they sell.

Like this...inspiration:

I really needed a place to hang coats in my entry way and when I saw these rods and hooks in the store I knew I could use them to my advantage. Ikea doesn't sell this exact series anymore but I bought a baggie of hooks (5 per pack I think) for $4.99 and the rod was $3.99.

        Finished product:
Simple. Easy. Quick, while remaining true to the raw, loft feel of my apartment. Check out another hack that I just love. An ultra feminine lamp shade made from a skirt and Ikea lamp.


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It's in Turkish but the photos are pretty great.