Technology Graveyard....

I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. My camera, computer/editing software and cell phone have all died in a 2 week span (sometimes I hate that I'm so dependant on mechanical things). All of my DIY projects are just about done so I'm trying to creatively think of how to get the photos posted without heavily relying on other people.

Since making the decision to move home, I've also been busy tying up loose ends here in Chicago. The next few days will be spent researching and making arrangements to get at least my bed, and a couple of my tables back home to Denver, as well as clearing my Google Reader (260 new posts...goodness).

In the mean time I thought I'd share what my apartment looks like here in Chicago before I start to break everything down. DO NOT judge me or the ancient, block of a t.v. I have! Lol. There are some things I consistently buy the newest version of just to have and then there's others that I won't buy until the old one breaks.  This t.v. has been very good to me and I doubt will never break.

A quick note about my apartment. I love black and white color schemes and I like to say it's because I'm a Libra. My scales are either up or down and balance is hard for me to accomplish. If you are on a budget, like most people are, try finding a neutral color scheme where you can easily add or change accessories around to get a different look. Twice a year I take down ALL my home decor (paintings, knick nacks, pillows, mirros. etc), collect them on my kitchen island and replace them throughout the house. Like now, one of those pillows on my bed is now on my couch.

A simple palette+coloful accessories= various outcomes
(and saves on splurges too!)

p.s. I scored the most amazing, free desk on Craigslist the other day. It was made by the Northern Furniture Company in the 1940's and it's divine. The DIY will have to wait till I'm in Denver but I'll post the before pictures soon, once I figure out how...sigh.