Conversations with my mom...

I'm sure my mom wouldn't approve of this but I'm going to start posting some of the simple, silly conversations I have with her. She is my heart and I love her to death but sometimes, the things that come out of her mouth are priceless.

Today's conversation went something like this through e-mail....

(I dropped my Blackberry in water so I can only communicate with Google Chat/SMS, Facebook, or E-Mail. Getting a replacement phone requires a call to T-Mobile and since none of my friends were home to use their phone, I turned to my mom for help.)

Me: Hey mama, you might have to call T-Mobile for me when you are not too busy. I can't find a phone here to use.

Mom: Okay! I will call you in a bit. What’s the number and I'll do a 3-way.

Me: Ma I can't do 3 way....I don't have a phone....

Mom: OK, duh…my bad! Calling them now!