All That Glitters Is Gold.....

TGIF everyone.....woooo hooot!!! I've been painting my loft in preparation of subleasing it (something I'm seriously stressing about, or maybe it's the fumes that are leaving me a little high. Uh oh.). I have 2 people coming to look at it tomorrow and since I've been working on a couple of DIY/re-newing projects, the house is in a complete state of chaos. Sigh.
I got this beauty though, for free, from Craigslist yesterday and I DIE! I had to drive about 30 mins outside the city to get it and was floored by the details (diamond cut out) on the back. It is a little rickety but nothing some Gorilla glue and new screws can't fix!

For some reason I picture a throne whenever I look at it so jewel tones and golds were my goal. I browsed the Internet looking for inspiration on how I wanted to re-vamp it and found it on the Urban Outfitters website! Yup, the cover of Jay-Z's new book, Decoded, and fell in love. It's crisp, it's metallic and throne-esque, no? Definitely found my inspiration.
After my two showings tomorrow I'm going to tackle this and the new lining of a shelf I've had for a while, (another free score on Craigslist...yes!) Editor's note: If I ever find out who "Craig" is, I want to marry him and that list of his. Just sayin....

Stay tuned......Love.