Block Head....



Here is a table that I made a couple years ago but still use today and I loveeeeee it!!! Being a broke college student at the time but still wanting something different I went to the Home Depot and walked around for inspiration (an obsession I still do btw). I purchased this block for $2 and the glass table top at Target. Painting with regular white gloss paint, I added 2 coats and let it dry. Clear rubber pieces between the cement and the glass helped prevent the glass from slipping off. I really do love it and have another in my living room since they are easy, modern and versatile.

I also came to a big decision tonight that I want to both laugh and cry about. (deep breath) I've decided to move back home to Denver. In a week, or once I sublease my loft. My rent in downtown Chicago is very expensive and worth 2 months rent for a store front. I'm very serious about my boutique consignment store so moving home to save money is my best option. My family owns a house so I'll be able to live rent free and have room for storage and a studio space.

I'm pretty excited but going back home is a little scary too. We'll see how this goes!