Nice meeting you....

Hi you guys! I'm a 26 year old who hails from Denver but currently resides in downtown Chicago.

My childhood was awesome, not flawless, but when I look back on it, it was just awesome! I grew up in the middle class, my mom was a teacher and while my step dad had many jobs, I think his favorite was when he was a Sous Chef for Rock Bottom Brewery. Since my maternal grandfather was a teacher, my mom grew up in the classroom and passed that opportunity to me. She was always teaching or creating something, her and her glue gun, and she was always around. Whenever we had breaks from school, so would she.  Our (my two brothers and I) summers were spent at garage sells, community pools and the world famous GOODWILL!!!!

It was like freaking Christmas whenever I figured out we were going there. She would always smile before saying "pick whatever you want..." and I'd go crazy! To me it was like a shopping spree but she knew there was no way we would spend over $30. I laugh now because she knew she was giving us the world (per our knowledge) on a budget.

Now that I'm older I'm in love with thrift stores. Since I think I have a small case of Adult ADD, I usually stay away from the clothes, but the furniture and home goods section, ahhhhhhh (like Homer Simpson), I drool. The condo I lived in for 6 years in Denver was literally right around the corner from a thrift store and I had 5 more in a one mile radius. I've been scouting, buying and redoing furniture for years and now that I've decided Corporate America is NOT for me, I want to own my own upscale, furniture thrift store within the next year or so. The blogs I've stumbled upon and now am obsessed with have only fueled my passion and now I'm on my way to get this thing going. I've already saved $35 (lol...I know, I know) but I've also already started collecting an inventory and reselling pieces to put toward the boutique as well.

I have plans for this blog and I have plans for my ideas. I will be posting the pieces I collect, the pieces I re-do and all the inspiration along the way. It should make for a fun ride and I hope you are right by my side!