Weekly Assignments.....

Alright...(sigh)...there's been lots going on, but I've been putting a lot of thought into the blog and I came up with a weekly schedule of post features that will help organize my blogging week. (p.s. I will be doing this wall calendar with chalk board paint AS SOON as I get to Denver.)

(I die for this weekly one too, so I think this is a better fit. I'm all bout lists and crossing things off. Plus I can add this to my Sunday regimen to get prepared for the new week ahead.)

Unknown-Boutique's Weekly Layout

-Before and After/Avant et Après: Projects that I finished over the weekend.

-Journey to the Boutique/Voyage à la boutique: Where I talk about the progress I've made in opening up the Unknown Boutique thrift store and...

-Word of the Day/Le mot du jour: Where I share my love for words and translate them to their French. I'm on the road to speaking French fluently so this will definitely help my vocabulary

-I Die: My favorite things/Je Meurs: Here I'll share my favorite posts from other blogs including interior design inspiration, DIY posts, thrifty finds, and recipes to try

-A Pickin': Posts wil include amazing finds on Craigslists and in my local stores, as well as heads up on the divine things I don't buy. I plan on showing you references and inspiration photos so you can start to see how the bones of an object are more important then the stained fabric that covers it.

-Things I Burned: Will show the recipes I tried during the week. The ones that worked and the ones that did not. (I could burn water without trying but I think this will help me learn how to cook through trial and error.) plus....

-Fill Me In: Is like the post below where I answer whimsical questions to help you get to know me, my thoughts and my dreams.

I decided not to be a weekend blogger because I really want to devote that time for friends, family and thrift store pickin'. Hopefully with these days laid out I can plan ahead for new posts. I also want to have monthly features like, Denver Home Tours like Apartment Thearapy.com and Intern First Fridays, where I intern with a professional of another trade.

Look for this new format Feb 7th. That will give me time to get myself situated and moved in....that's 11 days. Goodness.