Can't stay away....

I'm sure you guys can tell I have extra time on my hands today. What is this, the 3rd post today? Lol. Well, I wanted to show the bracelets I made following that bracelet DIY on Wednesday's Favorite Things and I couldn't wait till Monday to tell you how they turned out.

Also, I haven't been editing the SUPER awful, grainy pictures I've been posting, because this old computer won't let me install Photoshop. But I've been playing around with the images in Picasa and decided to post the "edited" pics here.

Bolt DIY Bracelet via Honestly....WTF:

Gold one:

 Silver one:
 p.s. the thick gold bracelet is a vintage find in my aunt's jewelry box. I've been wearing for years. Oh and my hot pink nail polish makes my heart go pitter patter.
 I made the gold one long so I could wrap it around my wrist a couple of times. Here I used it as a head piece that I ADORE!
 This picture has a 1960's mask over it. I forgot how much fun it is to play around with different effects and stuff when editing.
While I'm not completely confident in the clarity or editing results Picasa gave me, I'd thought I'd post them for your opinions anyway. Oh and for the record, these jewelry pieces are SO going into the Unknown Boutique Etsy Shop (I also posted a picture of the perspective store button below...thoughts?). If you want to buy one of these beauties, the shop should be up and running next week.

Okay I'm seriously done for today! I think.