Chalk Dust...(a little long)

Happy President's Day to people in the U.S and apparently happy Family's Day to people in Canada! Looks like there's a 3 day weekend for people all around. My weekend was pretty fun. Relaxing but eventful. I'm still working on getting into a routine out here but I love that little things to do keep presenting themselves to me.

I kept it low key and stayed in bed on Friday. Just me, my pooch and the DVR (with some texting here and there). Then late at night, maybe around 11, I got the urge to start one of my projects for the weekend. Lol. I'm such a night owl, but I'm remembering to trust my process, so here's what happened late into the night.


Ever since I was a kid I've LUUUURVED chalk and it's dusty, lovely smell. Whatever the case, I would always volunteer to clean/SMACK the chalkboard erasers for my teacher at recess. Alright, I'm not telling you guys something....I used to eat chalk when I was around 3 or 4. Sigh. As I got older though, I realized it wasn't socially acceptable so I learned to appreciate it by smell only. Lol.

Anyway, here are the quick steps:

I outlined my area....

Framed it with painters tape...

 Repeated for the weekly calendar....

Painted the desired area and let it dry for an hour...

That's actually a lie. I painted the smaller square, then the calendar and by the time I was done the smaller square was dry so I continued with the 2nd coat. An hour is recommended by the paint brand. I also read somewhere that you're supposed to paint in horizontal lines when using chalkboard paint, not vertical like you would with regular walls.

 By the time I got done painting it was about 2 a.m. I conditioned the surfaces with a piece of chalk that I rubbed in and left to sit till morning...

When I woke up, I used a dry towel to wipe the surface and my chalkboards are ready to use!
The calendar is going to be a great help in planning my weekly projects/blog posts, meals and social events but the small square, by the door, is a random place to write positive quotes from the Internet and little reminders to myself. Love it.

My other small project was to paint one of my frames that sits on my bookshelf. Home Depot has these paint testers you can buy for $2. I like Glidden paints the best because every color they offer in gallon sizes, you can buy in the mini sizes. There's even a brush attached to the lid, so efficient.


I was going to paint the frame Hermes Orange (the color of the Blogger logo) but decided on this bold fuchsia/pink/orange/red color when I got to the store because it felt a little more feminine.

Last night, my sister (who's 5) and I had a great debate over the color of her nails. I said pink. She said orange. I then mentioned it may be fuchsia because it's inbetween pink and orange. Her response was, "Okay, yeah. My nails are fuchsia. Yup. Fuchsia." and walked away. Lol.