St. Valentine: A Very Late Post

I kind of have a masculine opinion when it comes to Valentine's Day (so I'm sorry to those who expected cute V-Day crafts on the blog). I'm a romantic but to me this day is full of high expectations and comparisons. Basically, it feels insincere and who wants that kind of romance?

I will admit that elementary Valentine's Days were the best. The homemade mailbox. The list of your classmates names to write on their valentine. I mean the whole holiday was great but then it just takes a nose dive. Maybe (even though I don't think I am) I'm the lonely girl in the corner, but after I got older, especially in high school (regardless if I was the apple of someone's eye that day) I would always skip school. Lol. I think my mom started to notice after a while and eventually called in my absences.

Since you can't outrun the hoopla, a couple years ago, my friends and I decided to turned the 14th into an official girls night. Regardless if we had beaus or not. Yes there were the typical girl fights when some of us didn't show but we worked through it. This year I spent it at one of my best friend's (Kate) house.

We went grocery shopping and made a home cooked meal of Lobster tail, buttered asparagus, garlic rice, red velvet cupcakes and pink Mimosas. Mmmmm! It was delish. For girls who haven't ever really had the cooking gene, we surprised ourselves. Along with groceries we bought Disney Princess Valentines and wrote child like messages to each other (although I left mine there so I haven't read it yet! oops!). We also picked up a movie, The A-Team, so we could drool over Bradley Cooper.

The whole reason for this post though is to show you a picture of the cupcakes I was in charge of decorating. Oh and let me also state that the cupcakes were made from a box (I know, I know, but how else am I supposed to get comfortable cooking?! Baby steps people, baby steps!). We didn't have a pastry bag so I fashioned one out of a Ziploc bag (I read somewhere you can do that) and that should have been a red flag.

Anyway, when I was doing the frosting, here's what my eyes were seeing (minus the garnish)....

In actuality....

this is what was going on......
Lol. Oh. My. Goodness. Right?!

Kate poked her head around to see how I was doing and SCREAMED. "WHAT the hell are you doing?!" We both started laughing. She continued, "Shaunie! Those are blobs of frosting with our cupcakes!!! How? Why? What were you thinking?!"

Needless to say I scrapped all the frosting off and with a simple knife, I went back and redid them. Whatev! They were amazing and I'm still really proud of myself. I followed the 14th with a dinner date, with an old high school friend. The night was lovely. He was great. Simple.

Hope you guys had a great day whether you spent it with love, alone, a friend, or family.