Dans mon boudoir....

After a week plus of moving, painting, cleaning, and organizing, my room is about complete (minus a few projects I will complete over the weekend). Again, please excuse the lack of quality photos taken from my Blackberry.

Here it is:

-Wall art: Urban Outfitters
-Gold metal urn night table: Found in the house
(I die. There's lion head knockers as handles on the side)
-Headboard: Thrifted, spray painted black
-Tall bookshelf: Dumpster dive
-Bed pillows: Target/Ikea
-My idea book, To Do tablet and favorite blue pen on the left
-Old vintage photos of the family by computer screen
-Wall art: DIY
-Wall candle holders: Thrifted, spray painted black
-Low, black table: Ikea
I can't stop looking at my glass block window. What's cool is there's a traffic light outside and what would be a hideous view is transformed into a distorted red, yellow, green piece of art. (so cheesy but true!)
-White mirror: Dumpster dive
-Vintage chemical can: Found in house
-Gold trash tin: Found in the house
-Sunglasses and key holder (left of mirror): Ikea
-Bookshelf: American Furniture Warehouse
-Collection of mirrors: Found in the house/Urban Outfitters (white one)
-Turquoise glass flower: Las Vegas gift shop
-Photo Frames: Michael"s Craft Store
-Square jewelry holder: Target
-White vintage bowl (middle of bookshelf): Found in the house
-Ceramic birds (lower right): Found in the house
-Hot pink elephant piggy bank (lower left): Urban Outfitters
I was trying to over look the status of my closet but then I thought if I showed you a picture it would inspire me to clean it up. I love doing laundry but I HATE hanging it up. Sigh. I'll get it done. I'll get it done.
I'm sure you've seen these flowers placed and replaced in the photos above but wanted to show you where they are right now. Isn't this such a romantic picture? The flowers were given to me by a very important person the day after Valentine's when we hung out. I adore having flowers in my personal space, it makes my life feel romantic and full of love. Plus the fact the they are a little limp adds to their charm I think.

p.s. (photo below taken before I re-vased the flowers)

One of these things do not belong.....
Notice the limp piece of pink fabric to the left of Santana? That's Pig. His girlfriend. She no longer has stuffing in her and is found in numerous places, i.e. under my sheets. Sigh.

Oh Santana Moss....