Hi Lovies!!!!!!

I'm back! Well, in Denver, but once I get the Internet at home then I'll be back to blogging on a consistent basis. How's it going?! Ugh, I feel like I'm so far behind and have so much to catch up on!

My Google Reader has 275 posts I need to read, my moving boxes are stacked high in corners and my family is insisting that I start making visits asap (I'm booked up till the 17th btw). In addition to all of that my head is swarming with ALL the DIYs, thrift store and decorating adventures I NEED, okay want, to do.

First things first though.

1. Clean out back room to get my bedroom/work station done, decorated and organized.

2. Get Internet and DVR service added to my room.

3. Update resume and start applying for server/bartender jobs (not going back to a regular 9-5 EVER again!)

4. Clear out garage to park my car (this frigid mountain air is no bueno)

Anywho, the 16 hour drive from Chicago to Denver turned into a 32 hour trip since we had to stop at a motel because North Platte, Nebraska was hit with a snow storm. Here are a couple of phone photos that documented the trip. Enjoy and I'll see you as soon as I can...I got big plans for you and the blog!
Yes, I have a habit of driving with my leg up (and I took the picture). Alright so it wasn't exactly the safest thing to do but I love this picture. Time spent in a car sucks but road trips I adore.
Filling up at a truck stop in Iowa. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed this LARGE map of Iowa on the wall. I love maps.
I almost died when I walked in this Burger King that was just off the interstate. CROWNS!!! Rows and rows of BK crowns. Agh, I didn't even know they still made the Burger King kid crowns! I immediately snatched two up and placed them on top of me and my mom's heads. Lol...I love that my mom knows how sentimental I am about things and didn't think twice as we ate our whole meal with crowns on our head.
 Santana had a sleeping spot in the truck but spent most of his time under the seat.
 We were about 5 hours outside of Denver when the snow started. With the freight trucks, high wind and my mom gasping every 2 mins, we pulled over and found a motel to sleep in. I was fine driving but with my imagination, it was totally one of those times were a creepy haunted person would have appeared in the middle of the road. SCARY!
Remember I said my dog was a Douche? Yeah well here he is in all his Douchebag-ness. Lol. Sleeping on top of the hotel dresser. Oh and yes, that is a leash he's hooked up to. Santana will go to the bathroom outside to appease me but he much rather go inside (bed corners, door frames and toilet bases are his favorite places). When we are somewhere where we can't afford his antics, he has limited mobility and gets leashed up to something sturdy. Call animal control if you want but I've already called 3 times in the past and all they've done is hang up on me....
The difference between the city and the "not" city is you forget about any wild life outside of mice and rats. I was so excited to remember that dairy farms full of cows, pigs and horses still exist. After the snow storm though I felt so bad for the cows that still had snow on their backs. Poor poor cows.