Not dead...yet

Hey guys, things are still a little bonkers on my end. I'm NOT a mover, (I lived in my condo for 6 years after college and really plan on this home being my last) but since the initial move to Chicago, I've moved twice in a year and this will count as the 3rd.  I HATEEEEEE MOVING. It's the worst thing a human being has to go through. All the planning, detours, bumps in the road. All of it is just horrible.

The last time I moved, my movers canceled on me and I seriously, no joke, had to hire homeless men from the men's shelter to help out. God bless them but they smelled like, booze, jungle rot and urine. I can't even tell you how many things I had to throw away because the guys would drop the boxes marked glass. There was even this one who was a wanderer, so I spent the majority of my time tracking him down. It wasn't that he was dangerous or looking for trouble, I just think he didn't have a clue to anchor him down. Like I said God bless them. They got the job done and after I broke down and cried when the night was over, I really was thankful for them.

On top of everything I've had to deal with currently, subletting and moving truck quotes, I figured out that, along with procrastination, I some how have it in my head that packing in general "ONLY" takes an hour. How and why I assume that is beyond me, but when my allotted hour flies by (and it always does) it leaves me behind schedule. Honestly though, I hate living in limbo. I like having everything in it's functional place because I live my life as efficient as possible (because I'm super lazy). I like my books and clothes to go straight from the shelves to the moving truck, so really, pre-packing isn't necessary.

My mama is flying in Friday. I love her. I know Chicago and Denver were hit by this big snow storm so I'm relieved to have some company on the 16 hour drive home but once I said I was moving back (4 weeks ago), she started scouting for plane tickets. Come rain or shine I knew she was making the trek with me. I hope and pray I have the chance to love someone as much as she loves me. Plus, Santana is a horrific companion in the car. He whines and huffs and puffs unless his head is constantly out the window, which is soooo not going to work with the -3 degree weather going on.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm picking up boxes, dropping my equipment off at Comcast and cleaning my car before my mom flies in. I love road trips but with the elements and my dog, this one is going to be pre-tty interesting. It's times like these, I wish I had a functional camera instead of a point and click. I mean who doesn't love a good road trip...two words....Due Date.

Pray for me y'