Time and time again...

UGH!!!!!! Everyone who scouts for items on Craigslist.com knows, if you see something you like, you drop everything to go and pick it up!!! I lost this nostalgic, painted movie poster because someone else picked it up early this morning! It's a $10 (TEN DOLLAR!!!) "Gone with the Wind" scene painted on old barn wood. The piece was uber romantic and rustic and would have fit perfectly with my feminine/tough design aesthetic.

Tear. I'm still fantasizing about it hanging over the end table of my bedroom, bringing the perfect balance of color to an achromatic color scheme.

You're probably thinking, old barn wood Shaunie, really? After seeing this gorgeous head board made of old fence slats, I knew I wanted to incorporate a bit of rustic charm to the house design I've been compiling in my head over the past few years (another post I'll get into later).

Isn't it delish? Mmmm. I also love how she wrapped the mustard, ruffled pillow too. If not, the ruffles would have pulled from the detail of the headboard. Another DIY I will be doing when I get back to Denver.