See what I'm working with?!

So I wanted to post a couple of before shots so you could see the state of chaos my life is under right now. EXTREME! I moved in with my 89 year old Aunt and the house I grew up in when we used to visit her as kids. The house has a garage (perfect for a workshop), the most quaint backyard (I dream of having my wedding here..shhh!) and the room I'm now "occupying" used to be our toy room. Needless to say I love this house. I plan on doing an in depth post about it later but wanted to share some things now. 

 After we got old, our toy room turned in to the storage room.
 My aunt (who is my maternal grandpa's sister) was born in 1921 and grew up in an era I'm in love with....the 30's and 40's. Ughhhh a time when men dressed in suits, women in gowns and when love was necessary because of war. Can you tell I'm a dreamer? Lol.
 I would spend HOURS in her house rummaging through her old keepsakes, things that she shrugs off now. She has old Chanel Number 5 and Hermes perfume bottles that make my knees buckle.
 Look at the yellow chair above! She has a set of 6 that I'm dying to do something with.
 Here are a couple more treasures just lying around.....(drool)
 The light shade of green carpet makes my heart hurt just a little so I pretend it's not there.
 A collection of mirrors found in a closet? I think so!
She also has a HUGE box of old photos that I plan on doing something with. They are so precious and valuable, they need to be archived or something. Here's a pic of her and my Uncle Harry right after they got married. She told me she remembered taking that picture because it was right outside their favorite nightclub.

My to do list today is to buy white paint for my room and grey paint for a desk DIY (oh and Comcast can't come to the house til this coming Wednesday to hook up my Internet so I'm super bummed.). I haven't shared pictures of the desk yet, but I fell over myself when I saw this photo of artist John Murphy's frames. The matte grey color has me transfixed and the ornate detail is smilar to the desk.

Off to Home Depot, my make believe fairytale land....

Have a great weekend.....Love.