Avant et Apres..

Hey, hey, hey!!! How's everyone doing?! This whole day is going to be filled with postings, so buckle up!

I know I owe you an after shot of the sunglasses case I transformed into a clutch with the help of Honestly...WTF?

So...here it is....

Avant (before)....

The tools:

Unused Chanel sunglasses case, Anthropologie cabinet knob and bolt cutters.

Apres (after):

 Don't you love it?! It's my new favorite clutch (how could it not be?!)

This shot is me right before we (China and I) headed out to the Denver Fashion Weekend show. Do you like the double gold watches? I think I'm going to sport this look more often.

How did the show go? That's the next post Darlin'...lol.