A night at DFW...(picture heavy)

I would like to preface this post by saying the pictures of myself were taken in dirty mirrors. I'm so sorry. We were running late so I hurried and snapped the pictures before we left. It's a tad bit gross and a lotta bit unacceptable, but sometimes...that's the way the cookie crumbles. lol.

Lets get to it!

Here's my outfit of the night. The dress was from Forever 21 and it fit me pretty well. I'm usually dressed in flowy, loose fabrics so it was a change (I was a little uncomfortable) but I loved the complete look. Going outside your comfort zone is always a good thing ya dig?

Another picture of the outfit with shoes (Another dirty mirror too. Shame.)

Here's Chi and the outfit we went shopping for. Look at her! Her mommy style is still edgy and I loves it.

A closer pic of the dress.
I wore my hair in loose curls, which I curled earlier in the day. I just ran my fingers through it and shook it out before we left.

Before I left Chicago I randomly picked up a pair of scissors and cut bangs in my hair. While I love wearing them with a messy bun, 9 times out of 10 I have them pulled back with my hair down. I really dig them but all that hair weighed my face down, I'm currently growing them out. Here's the twisty braid thingy I sported that night.

You know what? I never used to wear gold. Ever. (I thought it was for old people. Heavens.) Now I can't get enough of it....que the double gold watches. Lol. Notice the different times? The one on top is my Michael Kors watch and the other is a vintage Bulova found in my aunt's jewelry case. It just needs its battery changed.
I'm sure you're tired of looking at me, so here's another pic of China. She smiled this time instead of doing her model mean mug.

We headed to the Exdo Event Center, in my neighborhood, for the event. Our tickets said the show started at 8 and since China showed up to get dressed at my house around 7:45, we were in a mad dash to get there. When we walked up to the venue, there was a long line outside of Will Call. Apparently the doors didn't open till 8:30, so we had to fight the cold for 30 minutes. No bueno.

Now, when we were buying our tickets we bought them in first row knowing there was a chance we could be sat in the 2nd row. I guess to us, it was go big or go home. Once we got our tickets, we noticed that we were in fact sat in 2nd row. Our hearts broke a tad but whatev...at least we didn't miss the show. We got our drinks, her a Hypnotic and cranberry, me a double Crown Royal and Gingerale (don't judge me), and found our seats. That was around 8:45.

 p.s. we are back to Blackberry, crappy photos because I didn't smuggle in my big, professional camera. (In some of the photos the models look like washed out, white ghosts. Apologies.)

Did you know that the show didn't even start till 10:45?! We had to wait 2 hours! Chi and I were a little annoyed but were still pretty excited to be there.

Once the lights went down and the fashion music started, I was in hog heaven. Instead of showcasing designers, 303 Magazine focused on designer boutiques with a featuring designer.

If you watch my video above, the outfit below is the one I said was cute.

This was another great look...

For more professional pics follow the link
Click pics to enlarge

Overall, the show as amazing and definitely fed my fashion feign. I will say though, braving the cold in the long Will Call line and the 2 hour build up before the show started, was almost not worth the 20 min. show. I will be back next year, but I hope they work out a couple of kinks before then.