Denver Fashion Weekend....

Alright, if you follow me on Twitter (which you probably don't because I just opened the account yesterday), you'll know that last night I went shopping with China (the bestie) to buy an outfit for HER. We are sitting front row at Denver Fashion Weekend tomorrow night and are so excited! Many people, including I, have tried to get a Fashion Week period up and running in Denver and FINALLY 303 Magazine has succeeded.

Her and I (mostly I because she's a mommy and she prefers I dress her) found a great outfit for her to wear. A boxy, black lace top, liquid leggings and black heels. I WASN"T SUPPOSED TO BE SHOPPING PEOPLE, because of the spree I posted about a couple of days ago. Welp, it didn't go so well and I ended up leaving with 4 dresses and 2 tops. Sigh. The madness has got to stop. Regardless though, I found the dress that I'll be wearing tomorrow night. I not going to give it away but here are a couple of teasers.

(I didn't photoshop these because I'm late meeting China again...arg!)

 These are my favorite pairs of heels right now. My pink bondage ones. The dress is a long sleeve, black and grey minidress, so the heels are really going to pop.
I don't really have a clutch that I would want to pair with this outfit, but then I remembered a DIY on Honestly...WTF that turned a sunglasses case into a clutch. So I went and got my Chanel case and glasses that I bought when I was 22 and apparently had $400 just "laying" around.
I'm going to turn this...into this!

Isn't theirs great? I'm going to be looking out for a little screw thingy like that tonight with Chi before I go into work! I'll post pictures of the night and DIY after later!

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