Je meur: My 5 favorite things...

1. Black and White perfection via Bijou and Boheme

A collection of all things design, that made my heart go pitter patter.
Pretty please follow the link to see....

2.Breakfast Burrito via From Scratch

There may be something I love as much as design and it's a breakfast burrito...yum

3. Lamp end tables DIY via Apartment Therapy

Add to my to-do list....

4. Staircase and Bed via Apartment Therapy (again)

I have ALWAYS wanted a staircase like this. Even if it doesn't go any where. It's just so beautiful.

5. Crop top and skirt combo via Rihanna

I really am digging the crop top and skirt combos I've been seeing lately. The hint of skin is just the right amount of sexy. Her crazy long legs BTW put my 5 foot 2 inch, pint size legs to shame.

Share your favorite things!