Je Meurs: My 5 favorite things...

1. Fashion DIY ANYTHING via A Pair and a Spare

No words can describe the energy I feel when I browse this blog. Every picture she posts inspires you to recreate it...and don't even get me started on all the long, flowy, maxi skirts. Mmmmm. Now I think I have a way of making the scalloped skirt I featured on "Favorite Things" a few weeks back. Fabric store here I come!

2. Something Blue via Poppycock

This couch makes me so happy.
I have always had a love affair with blue velvet (grey velvet too) but this one tops the cake.
It's so rich and plush. Je meurs.

3. Audrey Walas paintings via Parlour

These paintings are perfection and the middle one I can't even...
Plus the way Nicole describes the run in with the painter...that's exactly how I imagine all great friendships to start out. Totally jealous.

4. Stool DIY via Design*Sponge

On my to do list.

5. Fried Pickles via From Scratch

I've never tried fried pickles but we sell a lot of them at the bar. When I read they were "healthier" then fried cheese I said, "There it is! My justification for making these..." Plus, I can channel the great Ms. Snooki when I eat them.


Once again I decided to do an honorary 6th favorite thing today. I've loved her since I fell in love with old Hollywood and today is the perfect day to honor her.

I love that she married a billion times and never apologized for it. She taught me that a woman could be strong, sophisticated, honorable and little boy crazy.

Rest in peace....

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