Je meurs: My 5 favorite things...

There were some things out in bloggerland this week that I've been so excited to share with you! It was actually pretty hard to edit them down to 5 but I did it! Alrighty....

1.Scallop Skirt via say YES! to hoboken via Burdastyle

This skirt makes me twitch like a crackhead. (that is a wildly, politically incorrect thing to say, but seriously, I did start to itch)  Couldn't you see this skirt paired with a white tube top, messy bun, over sized sunglasses and caramel, cork wedges for summer?! Drool. Carrie from Sex and the City would TOTALLY wear this, and so would I. Put this on my to-do list.

2.Pop Up Shops via You Are My Fav

Okay. I'm the worst at keeping anything to myself, which is something I'm sure us bloggers have in common. If not, blogging wouldn't exist. We say what's in our head and pray someone cares enough to make their presence known. I get ideas all the time though (daydreamer to the extreme) that I don't really say out loud but when I read this post, the first thing out of my mouth was, "That was my idea!". I think a lot about my future boutique and the steps I'll take before I get my perfect store front and a pop up shop was something I was thinking about trying for the summer months! Great minds think a like I guess...

3.Lamp Shade DIY via The Wright House

Such a simple but dramatic DIY. Natalie writes the most random posts, but they are so so funny. She has a daughter name Evey and I wonder all the time if it's Ev-y or Eve-y, regardless, I love the name!

4. Porch bed via Design*Sponge

Remember the perfect life I described, where I wake up, eat breakfast and go to my home studio to create goodies? I forgot to mention I use this porch bed to take my mid day naps. Just cause I can. 
(or maybe a little afternoon delight.....naughty

5.Chicken Pie via Sweet Paul

During the winter, especially when I lived in Chicago, this is all I ate. Don't get wasn't home made but it was Stouffer's (nothing comes closer to hooome.) The only part was I had to wait 75 mins for the frozen thing to bake in the oven! Torture. Since this recipe only called for 25 mins in the oven, I immediately hit my "favorite" star to mark it. Can I add this to a pie crust though and make it a pot pie? Look at me thinking like a


I know you guys read mine, but if you have a blog, play a long! What things made you fall out your seat, cause your mouth to drool, or required you to pick your jaw off the table? Alright that was a little excessive...but seriously...share!