A Pickin'....

Apologies for this coming late in the day (or night), I worked today. My first day on my own...yay! Since I have a gym membership now, I went after work to go buy a water bottle from Victoria's Secret and was surprised that they are currently offering the gift card sweepstakes they normally have during the holidays. Score! PLUS, I got an extra $10 off coupon since I participated in the survey on my sales receipt (my first time ever doing that)! Opening day for the Rockies is around the corner, I have my eye on a couple of P.I.N.K limited edition Rockies t-shirts. Come on big money!!!!

I was able to do some thrifting on Sunday (and it felt GOOOD. I think Aurora has a better selection then Denver btw) and this is what I picked up!

A birdcage:
I'm planning on painting it red, which is soooo cliche (I was going to paint it neon orange) but I thought I'd stick with what the masses would like. You can't ever go wrong with a red bird cage so...whatev.

Goblet vase:
I posted this vase in my Etsy Shop
I love it.

This bracelet:
Usually I don't wear a whole lot of jewelry, but these past few months, I've really been laying it on. The vintage turquoise captured my heart, and held on to it after I saw the price $2.99! Ah.maze.ing

Set of chairs:
(clearly it's late here. I forgot that I didn't have pictures of these yet, so I ran out ans snapped one really quick. Sorry for the lack of light.)

I scored these out of the free section on Craigslist. My imagination sees them spray painted black, and I have a plan in mind using strips of fabric and studded nail heads.

Here's a closer picture:

Still on my list, the chair and table from last weeks A Pickin' post, and the mustache planting pots. I know you're probably thinking I have a lot of projects on my plate, but honestly, I work better when I'm busy. My ADD had so much to compute that I never get bored. What have you found lately?

Off to the gym with my new water bottle!