Things I burned...

Alright y'all, I didn't plan a whole lot for "Things I burned...." today. Like I said yesterday, with server training, I have a new, busy schedule to get used to. Plus, I didn't cook anything worth mentioning this week.

Sunday night I made chicken and rice with sauteed, butter and lemon asparagus (which was actually amazing).

Monday night we had left overs.

Tuesday night I bought Sonic burgers.

Wednesday night I made grilled peppers and onions  in cream sauce, with rice.

And last night, since I didn't eat before my shift (so very bad!), I ate baby carrots with ranch and Havarti cheese slices at midnight.

Tonight I am going to try and make the...

 stuffed shells  recipe from From Scratch that I listed in my favorite things on Wednesday.  I also have to figure out a way to add chicken for Aunt Kay since she's a meat and potatoes kind of woman.