Things I Burned...Sometimes Sweet Quiche...

I have ALWAYS loved quiche, mini quiche, quiche pie, but I never knew how simple it was to make. Crazy. When I saw Danielle's simple recipe on her blog back in October, I immediately ran to the grocery store. Now her recipe calls for a couple of uber healthy ingredients that I don't really eat.

Here's the link to the recipe and I'll let me know how I modified it to fit my tastes.

Her recipe calls for a Spelt pie crust, but I just used a regular, frozen one.

She used broccoli, but I love artichoke quiche so I bought this jar of marinated artichoke hearts. When cut up, the small jar is the perfect amount for one pie.

I'm not sure the kind of cheese she used but I like pepper jack cheese, it seems to be the perfect amount of spice. Along with that I added a couple shakes of my pepper shaker. Oh and I also used the pre separated egg whites for omelets (I'm a lazy cook...duh.)

All you do is mix it up and pop it in the oven.

Yummy quiche!