A pickin' : Shopper's guilt (NOT!)...

(picture heavy post btw)

About once a year (sometimes twice) I get in this phase where I CRAVE clothes shopping. Now as a girl, I feel like shopping any chance I get but things can get in the way of REALLY shopping. Maybe you don't have as much money as you'd like or others times when you have all the money in the world but feel too cheap to pony up the dough. Well ladies and gents, this past week I've come across great pieces that I never hesitated to spend money on. (All these pieces came from Forever 21 and I'm proud of it)
 I told you guys crop tops are my go to item this summer.
 Apparently light, see through knits have captured my heart as well.
Great for those cool, late summer nights on the patio.

 My thighs have been rubbing since I was 3, which keeps me from indulging in the current romper craze (which breaks my heart). When I found this strapless dress that had the appearance of a romper I said, "Yes please!"
Another crop top. Je meurs.
 I have also said that flowy skirts are my fav this spring which is different from my usual summer sundress.
Most of these skirts are full and flouncy and can be worn casually with wedges or dressed up with heels.
 I found my FAVORITE white skirt at the thrift store actually. There are a lot of bloggers out there that shop thrift stores for clothes, whereas I usually scout for furniture. I decided to give it a try and almost passed out when I found this 1950's/60's-esque skirt. Loves.
This maxi dress was only $10. That's right $10 and will easily be a repeat in my wardrobe. Because it's a straight fit, you won't get gobbled up in the fabric that most maxi's embellish on. I loved this so much I bought it in black and royal blue online. The package will be here tomorrow...yay!
 Alright here are my pride and joys!!! I have this sickness of buying things in quantity. Most of the time, pieces that I find are TOO detailed with straps and sequins. I like really simple things, so when I find something I like I buy it in all the available colors.

Charlotte Russe was having their buy one get one for $10 sale and since I wore a lot of my wedges for my ex-corporate job, I needed a whole new set. Yes, a WHOLE new set. The checkout girl called me her hero as she was scanning the shoes. I only spent $187 on the entire lot and they make me smile every morning when I wake up.
Here I put a couple of outfits together that I foresee wearing these coming months.

I'm pretty sure I'm done, but the shopping craving is still there. A trip to American Apparel will hopefully happen tomorrow after work so I can buy a couple of their strapless bodysuits (that will go great with the skirts).

When's the last time you went shopping?!