Je Meurs: My 5 Favorite Things...

1. Fancy Tree House

My FAVORITE new fashion blog. Her pictures are to die for.

2. Unique T-Shirts

I [heart] random t-shirts. Other people collect concert tees....but I rather lounge in ones that make me laugh. The following shirts are not only made by funny people...they are really good friends of mine.

L.A. Lakers Game 4 inspired....

3. DIY inspired table cloth via Bright Bazaar

4. Summertime Drink via The Veda House

For Mother's Day my cousin made a great drink with wine, blueberries and some other mix. It was light, airy and sooooo good. Now I'm on the hunt for other drink recipes.

#5. Chic NYC apartment via Kara Paslay Designs

The chalkboard wall...brick wall...wire lamp shade...old school desk...EVERYTHING. If I had a New York apartment I would wish on a star it looked like this. Goes to show you don't need a large space to live in style.

PLEASE click the link below for more inspiring photos!