Mother's Day...Maria Michelle Cobb

Alright..I'm late (as usual) but here's a tribute to my mama...

My mom, in my current backyard, when she was a kid.
 So pretty.
My mom and dad...I was the love child of two college kids.
My junior year, high school homecoming with my mama.
Her and I, present day, in Chicago.

There's a lot I could say about this woman. She is so strong and faithful and I pray I get the opportunity to love another person as unconditionally as my mom loves me. I was a gutsy child. Always saying things to shock people but she always let me be me. 

"Everything I am, is because of you. Thank you Ma for laughing at every single one of my jokes and truly being my biggest fan."

I usually don't buy people gifts because it stresses me out too much. When I was 12, I was arrested, ON MOTHER'S DAY, right after church, for stealing $25 worth of fake nails. When asked, I told the officer I stole them because I wanted to do something nice for my mom because we were "poor". (We weren't btw, I was stealing them because I was selfish and a very good liar.)

Anyway, at the last minute this year, I bought these and stuck them in the bouquet of roses I was giving her.
When she got the flowers, I told her there's was a little surprise inside them. As she questioningly pulled the plastic box out, she started to laugh hysterically. Whew...she got the joke. We reminisced for the next 20 mins about that now funny day, years ago. My gift didn't cost hundreds but it gave her a memory she'll never forget...the perfect gift.

I also want to acknowledge another mom, my Stepmom, Sarina.

 She met and married my dad in my early twenties and is a large reason why he has role in my life. Our train of thought is similar and we get each other effortlessly. I just love her so much and am so thankful to have her in my life.

Hope you guys had a great weekend...