I officially suck...

So Mother's Day was the last time you heard from me and like the title says....I officially suck. I had two siblings graduate high school in the same week, in addition to China (the bestie) buying her first home (and many trips to Home Depot with her because girlfriend can't pick a paint color to save her life), long weekends and summer weather...I've been MIA.

PLUS...I don't know if you've noticed but I've been more active with the Etsy boutique and have had NUMEROUS orders that been keeping me busy. No excuses though since I hate them but that's kinda what I've been up too.

Two days ago, I had a conversation/debate/argument with my family about how I treat them, how they perceive my future and everything in between. Ugh...those kind of conversations wear me out. I'm a girl yes, but sometimes (most times) I approach things as a man would do. Which means I don't approach or address serious topics at all. Sigh. After some tears, some open honesty and a couple of hugs things are back in order.

When I got home, I attempted to go into my normal hibernation (my bed, DVR and Google Reader) but since it was a nice evening, I grabbed a pen and paper, some candles and a blanket and headed to the back yard. Since I was already in the mind frame of self evaluation, I concentrated my thoughts on the person I am...the person I want to be and the tasks I need to accomplish to get there.

[This was the spread....perfectly calm.]

[And you know this one wasn't too far away]

Here are some things I wrote down...

The person I am:
-overly direct

The person I want to be:
-trustworthy with other's feelings

but most importantly I want to be enough.

What I need to do to get there:
-stay consistent
-even though I already curve my tongue...curve it some more
-but most IMPORTANTLY maintain/strengthen my relationship with God

ANYWAY..I'm sure that's a lot to handle for a design blog but like I said in the beginning, I really want you guys to know the person behind this brand.