Getting Organized.

Last night I was up until 2 a.m. cleaning out my closet and hanging up the enormous amount of clean laundry on my bed. I just got out of another shopping phase (click here for the last one) where the last few weeks I've lived at the mall. There were a total of 17 empty shopping bags in my room (someone call Shoppers Anonymous) and a countless amount of receipts.

Anyway, I have this habit of trying on outfits and flinging them on my bed when they don't work out. They never make it back to the closet and end up being thrown in the washer when they aren't even dirty. I'm sure this lack of consideration has caused unnecessary wear and tear on my clothes for years. No bueno.

As I was catching up on my Reader, this photo caught my eye and I thought it was geeeeenius. If I had one of these it could be used as limbo storage when I don't have time to hang my clothes back up in my closet!!! Problem solved. I hope.



Now that Denver has an Ikea (je meur), I will be the proud owner of this baby by the end of the day and my pockets will ONLY be $10 lighter. Woot! Woot! I post progress pictures tomorrow so stay tuned!

Wait, do I dare try and visit Ikea on my lunch break? Hmmmmm.....



Here's an recent picture of my room and the new home for my leather coats, blazers and jackets.
Again, what a great idea.