DIY: Homemade Febreze...

Febreze makes a scent with a touch of Downy and when I found out I stocked up!!!!

(I think I've mentioned before but if you can't remember, I'm OBSESSED with the smell of clean laundry. My perfume of choice is actually called Clean "Warm Cotton". Ah-maaaaaaze-ing)

Anyway, about a year ago Febreze changed their recipe, or something, because the Downy scent didn't smell like Downy anymore. It had a weird after smell. Blah.

Since I was hooked on having that type of product in the house, I got creative.....

(Mmmmwahh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh)

Here's my recipe for your own DIY Febreze.

You'll need:

- an empty spray bottle
- your choice of liquid laundry detergent
- enough boiling water to fill up spray bottle, plus a little more (evaporation peeps)
- measuring cup

1. Boil enough water to fill your empty spray bottle

2. Use your measuring cup and pour 1/4 cup of liquid laundry detergent in bottle

3. In your kitchen sink, pour boiling water in spray bottle. Continue to pour until frothy suds overflow out of bottle

4. Let the bottle stand and cool before placing spray bottle top on (the heat of the water might melt the spray tube)

5. Wa-La!!!! Your own, custom made, scented Febreze.

Spray it on everything! In the car, to refresh laundry, on a bed spread, in gym shoes, on carpet before vaccuming, a pet bed. Anything!

Have fun!