Je Meur....

1. Color Combo

I've been all over this grey, tan, pale rose and white color scheme. And that lamp shade BTW, I die. For reals.

2. Metal tipped heels

Someone please tell me where I can get some of these heels. Pronto.

Another pic from the blog post. A see through Hermes bag? Am I hallucinating?! Why didn't God make me rich? Because I'd have 7 of these, that's why. Sigh.

3. Boutique Inspiration

When I saw this picture I thought, "Deja vu.", these pieces could totally be in the storefront.
Quirky but chic.

4. Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos

Sign me up.

5. Table Linens

A soft sigh escaped my lips when I spotted these table linens. Plus, how cool of a DIY could these be?

Here's a toast to a great week.