Je Meurs: My 5 Favorite Things...

Alright y'all, I'm switching things up since I haven't done a favorite things in a while. I'm going to break down my favorite 5 trends this week, instead of things. I hope that's okay. Let's go.....

1. Adult Tie-Dye

These images from Honestly WTF started my obsession... 

Geneva then taught me how to achieve it....

and Bright Bazaar showed me how to bring it in my home.

2.  Delicate/Detailed Shorts

I know I've said this before but I'm GREEN with envy when I see women who can pull off these delicate shorts. Unless they're for running, I haven't worn actual shorts (jeans or anything else) since middle school. I'm black y'all. My thickem thighs have been rubbing together since I could walk, plus my big behind would just look awkward.

Syd and Sam did a DIY on how to scallop your own leather shorts.

3. DIY

Whenever I'm having a weird hair day, or a fly away that won't lay down correctly, I always turn to a twist or a braid. It adds a feminine touch to any outfit. Check out Maegan's DIY on how to accomplish this look....loves.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these stairs...I can't even. With the small mirrors Michael's or Hobby Lobby sells, this can be an achievable finished project.  

I bought China her first welcome mat for her new house but I wish I would have saw this DIY first. My gift would have been even more special if it was custom made. Ah well.

I have always imagined a long dining room table that could fit my whole family, but have it's own simple style. TADAAAAA! This table is simply perfect.

4. black/white/grey/brown

I didn't realize until I was compiling this post but I flag every single post from La maison d'Anna G. We share similar tastes but her eye for design is way more advanced then mine. [heart]

5. Design Inspiration

That chic.

These cigarette pants are so fashionable and timeless, ugh! I left Corporate America but these pants alone make me reconsider.

This burnt orange/red American Apparel maxi skirt is such a necessary staple for summer.

If you know this blog you KNOW I loves me some colored velvet. This post by Amber Interior Designs is all about blue velvet. I'm adding this headboard to my wish's absolute heaven.

AfterDRK has quickly become my favorite fashion blog. This woman's style is impeccable and the very essence of what I wish my closet to look like.

Warm weather and an outdoor space is something I never knew I wanted until I got it. As soon as I saw this picture I knew I wanted to figure out how my backyard could resemble this one. An outdoor movie, wine and friends...yes please.

Frassy's apartment is mirrored after her fashion sense and I fell in love with this space as soon as I saw it. I'm learning how to edit because let me tell ya...blank walls make me stir crazy. Her apartment pulls off the organized chaos look though.

As much as I luuurve black/white/grey/brown color schemes, I adore pops of blush pinks as well. This room has the perfect balance of feminine design.

If you do a weekly favorite me to your site so my readers and I can check it out!