Things I burned...

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on a blog called You Are My Fav and learned the author, Melanie, lives in Denver. Now, I've been a member of the blogosphere for a while and have read countless posts about blogger meet ups happening in other cities (insert my jeolousy here), so when I got an invite to join Melanie, local blog readers and other Denver bloggers for brunch, I was estatic.

Fast foreword, then rewind to this past Saturday.  It was a beautiful day in Denver and the place of choice was Root Down. You guys know this about me, I'm not a restaurant enthusiast. I grew up eating turkey sandwiches, eggo waffles and Red Lobster, not much has changed. The conversation was great and the sandwich I ordered, (simply named The Fried Egg  Sandwich) was AHHHH-MAZE-ING.

[p.s. Isn't the inside so cute?! The booth to the left is where we sat.]

After the group parted and I got in my car, I vowed that my non-cooking ass would try to make that sandwich on my own. Welp, today was the day laddies and guess what?! I did it!!!! It was surprising how simple it was and I'm so excited I have enough ingredients to make it three more times...CHA CHING!

What you need:
-a tomato
-red onion
-a large egg
-sliced pepperjack cheese
-an avocado
-a croissant (baked my groceries bakery)
-Dijon mustard
-cooked Canadian bacon

1. Place a frying pan on medium heat
2. While the frying pan is heating, horizontally cut a croissant. Once pan is hot, place both croissant pieces face down to toast.
3. Add 2 pieces of Canadian bacon to warm and brown in pan
4. While keeping an eye on the croissants and bacon, slice a couple pieces of avocado, red onion and tomato and sprinkle with pepper
5. Once croissant is toasted to your liking, remove from pan and place on a plate.
6. Spread Dijon mustard on both croissant pieces
7. Top bottom croissant piece with 2 or 3 pieces of sliced avocado, tomato and red onions
8. Take sliced pepperjack cheese and place on the top piece of toasted croissant
9. Wipe out your frying pan, then fry the egg.
Directions here
10. After egg is done, remove from pan and place on top of stack veggies, cover with top croissant piece and....


I'm so proud of myself. The sandwich is great for the summer, light but filling. I like to cut the yolk before eating, it makes a great sauce for the sandwich. If you end up trying this recipe...let me know how it goes!